Getting Creative with God

He has a baritone voice whose sound waves can actually force you to pee. He wears the same burgundy long sleeve shirt, dark yet faded jeans, and on his easily size 16 feet, nearly perfectly white but untied sneakers. His eyes are bright and he is very polite.

He also steps into the same car of the same Downtown 1 train at the same time every day – the one I usually take. By now, we even say “good morning” to each other.

Except that he’s a beggar.

He begins his sales pitch by apologizing to all for the inconvenience, asks for help, and ends by offering all, “God Bless You.” He is very pleasant, not the least bit intimidating, and people do give him money (yes, I’ve bought coffee for him).

He gets it done.

But then I started thinking this week…could a recruiter use a similar approach as a means to both source quality people and obtain business? Where I train to is a route that is highly professional and technical and with a suit and a big ol’ smile on my face, I really believe I can make this work…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sorry for disturbing your commute this morning but I will neither ask you for money nor will I ask you for food. You see, I am a recruiter, and I realize that the Lord makes job boards for those who do not believe in the 10 Commandments of Recruiting. My company, MTM Technologies, is a national Information Technology VAR – a value added reseller – that specializes in virtualization, unified communication, and managed services. I recruit talented techies to our clients for both contract and direct hire positions. Should you be skilled in any of these areas or know someone who is, I would appreciate it if you would take my business card and share it with those who believe.”

“If you’re interested in speaking with me, you may call me 24/7 or if you’re shy, send me an email. If you are a hiring manager, I can assure you I have more creative techniques I will use to find you the people you need.”

“Finally, should you be interested in virtualization, UC or managed services solutions, let me know and I will have one of our account executives contact you.”

“God Bless You and have a nice day.”

I really think this could work (just need someone to film it)…

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