Getting Back Into The Groove, Part One

Regular readers are probably aware of the fact that I was on hiatus over the past three weeks. This was my opportunity to focus my time and attention on a broad array of areas, HR related and other. And while it wasn’t a vacation, it was refreshing not to have to worry about writing. But now it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled programming!

Before I go into what I intend to focus my blogging energies on, allow me to briefly talk about what I’ve been up to during this blogging blackout.

  • #hirevictorio. The #hirevictorio campaign is still alive and well. Thanks to the support and efforts of a fantastic and active community, I’ve received numerous referrals and leads for positions, both locally and internationally. In addition to job lead generation, it’s also led to one confirmed panel discussion (look for more details in late summer) as well as other potential speaking engagements. Thanks everyone for supporting me in my career transition! Speaking of which…
  • Consulting. I’m heavily focused on building up the consultancy side of my personal brand, actively cultivating client leads to explore dynamic and creative partnerships. As I state on the Hire Victorio website, I have two main client groups: individuals and organizations. For individuals I design strategies by which the person can display their professional reputation in the best light, online or off. For companies, I build strategies that marries its brand to its talent management initiatives, particularly in the areas of recruitment and employee engagement. I want to work with great people doing great work!
  • Public speaking. Over the past few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to be able to speak to a variety of audiences. On May 18th I was a track leader at the #TruNewYork unconference, brought together by the dynamic Bill Boorman. I was there along with other great Human Resources professionals such as Janine Truitt, Tom Bolt, and Steve Levy. We interacted with a diverse audience seeking knowledge about social HR and Recruitment. Notice that I said “interacted with” and not “spoke to.” The unconference format is designed to encourage discussion and interaction. This is different from the classic conference format, in which the speaker talks to the audience. I would encourage more events to adopt this or a similar model. It’s much more engaging and energizing, both for the audience and the speaker.
    I also continue to engage with the Osborne Association, speaking with its client groups to support their efforts to gain good jobs. As a result of my ongoing commitment to them, they recently honored me with a Recognition Award! I’m grateful for their belief in my work that I conduct on their behalf.
Picture of Victorio Milian with Harry Steenwerth from the Osborne Association
  • Guest posts. I have a blog post currently up and running at the ever popular Fistful of Talent website. In addition, I have several others in various stages of being published around the Web. As they go live I will let you know when and where to read them. 
As you can see, taking a break meant working hard in other areas than just blogging! Tomorrow I’ll give you an overview of some of the things I look forward to talking about here on the blog. Thanks as always to those that read and support my work!

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