Get to Know Your People Beyond the Job They Do

I’ve written before about Rock Star Recognition where I said you have two primary roles as a leader:

1. Treat your employees like celebrities
2. Remove obstacles to high performance

I want to camp a little more on the first role today.  Think about your favorite celebrities. I bet you know a ton of details about their life.  Maybe it’s a singer or a band.  Maybe it’s a baseball player or football player.  Or perhaps your favorite author.

Now think about top performers on your team at work.  Do you know as much about them as your favorite celebrity? All too often the answer is no.

But think about how your employees would feel if you, as their leader, treated them like celebrities!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you get to know your people beyond the job they do, you are supportive and involved in removing obstacles to serving the customer and recognize them like rock stars, I guarantee you will produce significant and sustainable results.


Get To Know Your People

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