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Get my book!I wrote this book in order to create a different business book, not targeting leaders but the employees. I have been working in leading positions for many years, and I have always wanted to create a guide helping my employees to do a better job. Not by getting fast results, but to help them open up and understanding the whole concept of business thinking from the leadership point of view. Helping employees to see the helicopter view, understanding how their behavior impacts others and so on. This book will give you a wider perspective about work. It might help you to become happier at work, and less afraid of change.

Action packed with advice and helpful tools.

This book is action packed with advice and tools to help you become better at what you do. I hope that my Norwegian background will provide a book free of mumbo jumbo as we are quite straight forward. This is one thing that amazes me about English native speaking authors; you guys have a talent for writing much about nothing. A lot of the books I have read got entire chapters writing around the point, before it gets to the point. I have tried to write a book that gets straight to the point without the typical tension and mood creating page fillings. I have read books that could have been reduced by 80 % – get to the point already.

What is this book about?

This book starts with an exercise that will help you to define your values. It is about you and your co-workers, about seeing the bigger picture, about burnouts, motivation, goal setting, rules of the game and more. This book got 120 pages; it got 15 chapters + a bonus chapter. It is easy to read and it is straight to the point. I am sharing some of my experiences and I set out to write a book I would wish I had 20 years ago. I have included some short true stories from my career. This book is a guide to make you the star player of your team.

Is it all work and no fun?

No! Fun at work is essential to succeed. This book will not make you work harder, but smarter. This book is written about doing a good job, but it can also be transformed to your life outside the office.

You think you can’t succeed?

Who am I to tell you how to succeed? The surprise is that success is not about promotions, it might also just be about being happy with what you do. If I can do it, you can too. Why? – Because I had no future when I was in school. I did not find my direction in life. I failed in some classes, and I got out of high school with bad grades unable to get into a university. I spent one year improving my grades, started a business that I had to shut down two years later. It took me eight more years to get an education. It took me another six years with trying and failing before I “got an awakening” – I started doing something that I love. I have been promoted, I have read, I have learned, I have shared. I have been speaking about change management and motivation in front of 100 business leaders in Oslo. I currently work in a top level management position within customer service and I love it! And now I have managed to write a book. From my “idea” to finished product – it took me 4 years. This is what this book is about. It not about speed or quantity – it is about a lifelong progress – step by step and never stop learning.

A short quote from my book

“I can’t say this too often. You are always hired to provide value at work. You are not hired to earn money or to have a relaxing life. You are hired because the top management can’t make all the money single handedly. So here is the sweet cherry deal. “I will pay you to make more money for me. At least make more value than I am investing in you.” This is the basic reason why anyone hires anybody. It gives you great insight into what any company would love to get out of you, and, yes, they do hire you to get something in return.”

Why you should buy my book

Because this book will give you value for money from every single page. I am sure that you will be motivated after reading this book. It might even change your life or at least how you see your job. This book does not have a bunch of text creating a pointless story around each advice. If you are an employee, you WILL become a more valuable player on your team. If you are a manager you should get a copy for all members on your team. It is short – only 120 pages, it is filled with good advice and tools you can use today.

You can download it, or buy a paperback copy safely from – Click here for your options. – oh.. and remember to follow me at twitter.

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