Get Lost

I am so fortunate that my work takes me all around the world. I have seen incredible places and met amazing people.

Mostly because I love getting lost, and finding my way back.

One of the most memorable travel moments — ever — was in Guangzhou, China. Guest of the Chinese government. Five star hotel. 24-hour attendants at the elevators on every floor whose only job is to push the elevator button for you. With their white-gloved hands.

With my work done, I became a tourist. The concierge wanted to give me a private car. I said, no, I wanted a map, and a taxi, and I wanted to be dropped off at least five miles from the hotel.

I spent the rest of the day walking back to the hotel.
Amazing experience!

From the worst poverty to the finest art museum. From historic temples to teeming shopper’s bazaars. Mostly, what I loved was what I would not have seen if I was guided by someone.

The children’s hospital which had an open-courtyard reception area, with family members holding broomsticks skyward as the holders for the IV’s dripping down into a loved one’s arm.

The butcher chopping up chicken meat as live chickens were in stacked-up wooden cages, pooping down onto the same chopping block.

The wonderful, wonderful people, who spoke no English, yet were sooooo helpful every time I got lost and needed help. (Too many times to mention.)

The point…
Get lost! Intentionally.

Not just on trips. In your everyday life. You will be amazed at what was always there that you never really saw until you got lost.

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