Generation Y Workforce = eLearning Workplace

eLearning Gen Y WorkplaceGeneration Y is coming of age and breaking into the workforce. Their approach to business is new and effective. This generation does business differently but a lot of companies like their style. Young workers are comfortable with online learning, telecommuting, and various communication technologies.

Make the most of these traits by establishing online workplaces. This can broaden a business strategy with cost effective and marketable solutions.

Online workplaces exist in learning management systems (LMSs). LMSs are transforming traditional office environments into remote hotspots that employees can access from any place, at any time.

Future Workplace Facts

At the heart of the workplace evolution is technology. Technology makes it possible for companies to expand, for employees to work from home, and for widespread collaboration to occur. It also benefits hiring efforts.

Companies now train new-hires online with LMSs. This puts the young employees right at home with independent learning opportunities. It also makes training programs easy to reproduce, which frees up company resources and trainer responsibilities.

Here is an great infographic showing the impact Gen y and the Millennials will have on the workplace : Millennials in the Workplace

Why Implement an Online Workplace

Benefits of implementing an LMS go beyond training. Companies that establish online workplaces successfully use LMSs for operations management, database storage, and internal communication. These tools cuts costs and increase productivity. When LMSs become essential parts of daily business, employees feel free to work from any place, at any time.

Large Scale Benefits from an LMS Workplace

Small and large businesses benefit from using an LMS as an online workplace. An LMS is an inexpensive way to have broad impact. Cloud based technologies make it possible for large and small businesses to operate within the global economy.

Incorporating an LMS into a business strategy is critical for advancement. An LMS is a tool that equips businesses with a platform to achieve success. It is important to start thinking about how this technology can save time and money, benefit organizational communications, and develop an online workspace that is better than an office.

Adopt an LMS that can grow with a business. TOPYX social learning management system offers a flexible, fully capable, customizable online workplace for businesses of all sizes. With a flat rate subscription price and no additional user fees, TOPYX offers a platform that keeps costs low and productivity high. Explore TOPYX today by requesting a free demo.

In recent years, many companies have come to accept the amount of influence Generation Y is having on the global economy. They are changing trends, commerce, and the workplace. As a result, offices everywhere are moving to the cloud.

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