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Noemi Biro from PwC in Haungary explained that this started in 2010 and is now in its third year, being tweated every year.  The programme focuses on attracting young talent, demonstrating the firm’s employer brand and differentiating it from the other big 4.  It was initially rejected for cost (formally) and inexperience (informally).

Initial costs were high but ongoing expenditure is fairly low.  And once they got the go ahead it took 4 months to develop the system.

It’s a 3D online game simulating a 1 year long internship programme within 12 days.  They start with an entry exam based on a video about PwC.  If they pass, they create their profile which enables them to track measures based upon the competencies which inform the game – knowledge, reliability, loyalty and networking.

Players get 20 activity points per day on mandatory exercises and optional situations depending on the points they would like to increase.  They get set different exercises in different parts of the virtual offices.  Some of these cover spots, social responsibility etc, not just about accountancy, so candidates get a true picture of the complexity which makes up employment with the firm.

People log in using their Facebook account so you can see more information about them, and achievements get pasted on their Facebook wall.  The achievements also get converted to real prizes including a trip for two to New York.
Over 1000 people participated last year.  Applications have increased from 1600 to over 3000 per year over the three years.  It works because it provide competition, learning and social connection.

  • Is this gamification or is it just using a serious game? (although this doesn’t really matter – both can be useful)
  • Is it fun?  I can see it helps to provide understanding more effectively than a printed or even online brochure etc.  But will it inspire and motivate people to join?
  • Does the prize distort focus?  Wouldn’t a prize of a job work better than a trip to New York? (though this year the game winner did get recruited too.)
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