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Funny costumesWant to make an impression on your friends this holiday season? You need to find some cool costumes that you can dress up like that people will just laugh at. From being a giant tootsie roll to a naughty nurse, the right costume can make a big difference in a funny holiday surprise. One way to top off your funny couples costume is to get your family pet involved in the mix with matching pet costumes. Dressing up your dog to look like a superhero to compliment your Spiderman and Gwen Stacy costume is a lot of fun. Here are some other great pet costumes to consider to make a lasting impression:

Hot dog and taco
Cupcake pet (goes great with the Katy Perry costume)
Yoda and Darth Vader
Batman and Joker

The costume options out there for your pooch can match just about anything you can come up with. Try letting your creative side really take over this holiday season to have some cool costumes that people will laugh at and really will love. Who doesn’t love a pet dressed up in a silly costume to match your costume? If you have a couple’s party to attend and your friend or partner won’t be able to attend, taking the family pet with you is a great way to really enjoy the festivities.

Potato Heads – this is a great costume for a silly idea. You both dress up like potato heads, which is going to get a laugh out of your friends.
Pilot and Flight attendant – if you want to be a little more conservative in your costume, opt for the Pilot look with a sexy flight attendant. This one can be pretty fun to play around with as you tell people the funny phrases that flight attendants often get known for.

Yoyo and Hoops – this one is great if you have small kids that want to come to the party as well. You can do an entire family theme from the cool yoyo and hoops costume, and dress up the dog too!

South Park and Kenny – bring the edginess of South Park to your Halloween party this year. This one is a funny costume to share with your friends this year. You can enhance your costume this year with some funny voice overs of your iconic characters from the show.

Bacon – Show up to the party dressed as a big strip of bacon. Since you can bring along your pooch to the party, having them show up as a hot dog can add to the hilarity of your Halloween ensemble.

Funny costumes are made to get your friends laughing, and remembering your costumes for many years to come.

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