Fundamental Website Pages

fundamental website pages

Part 4 of the Series:
How to Make a Great Website

Introduction: How to Make a Great Website
Part 1: Choosing a Domain Name
Part 2: Building Your Website: Evaluating the Choices
Part 3: Six Major Questions a Website Should Answer
Part 4: Fundamental Website Pages
Part 5: Is Your Website an Asset…or a Liability?
Part 6: How to Promote Your Website

When building your website, begin with strong main pages, and add from there.

An Inviting Homepage. You have seconds to make a first impression, so make it a good one. Your homepage should show hospitality, and help customers find what they are looking for (quickly.)

  • Offer clear directions. The navigation should be crystal clear the moment they arrive. Use dropdown menus for logical organization.
  • Make it inviting. Use a nice mix of photos and text, and don’t tell your whole story on the home page. Give visitors a reason to stay and explore. And don’t be boring.

An About Us Page. Expand the story of your business. Don’t be afraid to get personal.

  • Who are you? What got you started?
  • What is your passion? What do you believe in?
  • Who is the team behind your product or service? Use photos of real people rather than stock photos of strangers. (Note: Make sure to have a signed photo release from any real people you use in your website, including employees or customers.)

A Product, Service, or Menu Page.

  • Show off the goods! Selling hand-knit sweaters? Display your best designs. Are you a home builder? Show examples of houses you’ve built. If you’re a dog groomer, describe your services.
  • Include pricing (if that’s to your advantage.)
  • Consider adding a shopping cart to your website to make buying easy.

Testimonials Page. Customer testimonials are gold! If you don’t have rave reviews — or customers, for that matter — you can add this page later.

  • Add new testimonials periodically, or rotate them so it looks like you have more than three customers.
  • Make sure to get your customer’s written permission before using their testimonial.

A Contact Page. How can visitors find out more, ask a question, or buy stuff from you? Use short forms on your website so visitors can easily contact you or send you a message.


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