From SSM to SLE

I mentioned on Twitter that talking to people inside large corporate bodies only confirms that most are soul-sucking machines (SSM). John Bordeaux replied that skunkworks may be one way to alleviate this organizational tendency. He also said there was a need to clarify the steps necessary for community to be the central organizing principle in order to create a soul-liberating enterprise (SLE).

Working and learning out loud are the best ways to start on the road to becoming an SLE, in my opinion. The transparency of being open and narrating our work creates an increased potential for change because it fosters more connections between people. When most people know what others are doing, the organization can reap the benefits of enhanced serendipity. Yes, chance favours the connected company, but this is not obvious from inside a hierarchical management silo.

An SLE engages knowledge workers in what really matters. I have described this as the first step in a roadmap for transition. So what is the stumbling block?

I think the main problem is fear. Fear of getting caught. You see, the sociopaths [a link worth following] might actually be in charge. The only way to find out is to turn on the lights.



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