From Products to Purpose, Ads to Acts, Commercials to Communities

Mario Simon from Millward Brown Optimor says that “the brands that have created the largest connection with their audiences (and the largest values for their companies) are those that stand for true ideals, because true ideals directly tap into people’s quest for meaning.”

Mario also argues that:

1 Brand ideals work for both big and small brands.
2. Brand ideals can be individual, social or societal.
3. Brand ideals are internal organizing principles, not external positioning statements.

It seems to me that Mario uses the term brand ideal in the same way as I use the term social object — a cause, passion, interest, lifestyle, profession or place that acts as the catalyst to connect people.

It also seems to me that the shift from “products to purpose” that Mario talks about is similar to the shift from “ads to acts” that Leo Burnett talks about in its ‘Humankind’ book and the shift from “commercials to communities” that I talk about in Social Squared and 360 Redux.

I have a feeling that these ideas are approaching the tipping point and marketers from both the client-side and the agency-side are beginning to feel their gravitational pull.

However, we are still talking about these ideas, not acting on them. I am now waiting for the shift from “talk to action”.

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