From MySpace to OurSpace – teenagers become Equality ambassadors

Given the turmoil that has engulfed the EHRC recently, you’d be forgiven for missing a revolutionary new scheme that has been launched to teach teenagers about Equality.

This new scheme isn’t the usual education course, school visit or leaflet drop.  This scheme uses the American tradition of the summer camp, and the activity has been gaining popularity amongst young people over the last few years.  The format is now being used to instil the idea of equality at an early age.

The Our Space camp was piloted in 2008 and has returned in 2009 to open up more young minds.  The camp brings together around 100 teenagers aged 14-16 from the widest possible range of backgrounds and pitches them together in the grounds of Lakeside YMCA.

The teenagers participate in a range of activities from orienteering and canoeing to intensive workshops on subjects such as diversity and leadership. This is to ‘equip them with the right skills, knowledge and passion to make a real difference in their schools and communities and to become the equality leaders of tomorrow’.  The EHRC state that the ultimate aim of this scheme is ‘to create equality ambassadors to reach young people before prejudices of all kinds can take root’.

What is even more radical are the entry requirements.  Not age, not geography, not school, not background; simply the will to make a fairer society for all.  To establish who’s in, applicants are asked to write manifestos about equality and human rights, and how would promote these back home.

For more information take a look at the Our Space blog.

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