Friday free for all

Friday free for allFridays are turning into a sort of free for all. I often get requests about what l’m working on, and I also have a hard time keeping track of everything that’s going on around me, so I’ll share a few updates.

  • My buddy Stephen Harrison’s blog “HRwhY?” has opened officially, and I hope you’re subscribed. You can expect good things from him.
  • My pal Robin Schooling wrote a guest post on HR fishbowl in the #TrenchHR series.
  • I now have (for your viewing pleasure) a random post generator. The formatting is wonky, but the content is still good.
  • I also created a RocketHR page, because a lot of people don’t realize I also write a blog for my local SHRM chapter.
  • Later today I will be working with my friend Erich to pitch WordPress as the new website platform for our chapter. It’s free, it’s infinitely customizable, and I’m willing to run it. That’s all I have to say.
  • Speaking of NASHRM, I helped them push another NASHRM (north Alaska chapter, to be exact) off of the front page of Google. A strangely satisfying victory.

  • I got to email back and forth with another rising star on the HR blogging scene this week. Chris Frede of HR Buoy has been fun to work with. Check her out!
  • I will soon be unveiling a new project to the public. Right now it’s in closed beta (codename: Rock Your Blog), and while things don’t always end up like we plan for them to, this thing is giving me some cool ideas.
  • Another project in the works is called Rock Your Leadership. I have two interviews scheduled with topic experts in the coming week (half a dozen more to schedule), and I’ll be releasing more information on this in the near future.
  • The RTPHR newsletter is going strong. I’m trying to figure out a solid update schedule for the list, but I think it’s going to help a lot of people with the HR certification exams.
  • I’m a part of the inaugural NASHRM Mentor U., which is a SHRM chapter mentoring program. The first meeting was amazing.
  • I’ve teamed up with a lot of cooler-than-me people to write a collaborative eBook. I can’t really share more just yet (though I’m dying to!). Sorry. :-)
  • Working on details for HRevolution. Yeah, baby.
  • For those of you who are interested, the adoption process is seeing a bit of progress these days. We haven’t been picked just yet, but we have finished our home study and are waiting for the results to come back from the state.
  • Are you ready for the free web course I’m setting up? You would be if it was called HR Ninja University (which it is)! Stay tuned.
  • Weird moment of this week? When our session leader at NASHRM Mentor U quoted my good friend Chris Ferdinandi. It was totally out of the blue (and definitely amazing).

  • Oh, and today’s my lovely wife’s birthday. Last but certainly not least!

If you haven’t gathered it from the above list, I have a problem. The big thing is that I have more ideas than I do time to implement them. I need people to help with that. If you’re interested, just shoot me an email. We can partner up. You can just help me out for a load of credit. Or you can bring your own ideas to see if they’re better than mine (wouldn’t take much). :-) Let’s connect!

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