Fresh Crackers (34)

We commented a couple of days ago on the Guardian’s HR: Friend or Foe article, and the rumpus that followed in the online comments posted. While the perception of HR still lags behind the fate of the daleks in the popular imagination, other bloggers in the HR arena have also taken note and we’d like to point you at two particular examples. (For other links to interesting blog posts across the web, see our Crackers page.)

  • Guardian article paints HR as ‘double-agents, The smiling assassins’: Michael Carty has been posting a series of updates to his own original article, tracking other responses and reaction across the blogosphere, and there are signs that CIPD may be encouraging The Guardian to write a follow-up article
  • So, HR Manager, just who are you working for? A response from Flip Chart Fairy Tales, in which blogger Rick firmly adopts the position that HR are employees like anyone else and the role is to achieve the best outcome for the organisation and make calls when commerce and ethics collide. Fair points, but as his own commenters point out, without influence and trust, HR departments will struggle to achieve outcomes: HR needs PR to achieve HR?

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