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After the Learning Technologies 2011 and Learning and Skills 2011 Conference/Exhibition (click here to read our thoughts on it, and the further thoughts that it triggered), we figured a Crackers posting about some of the implications of the rise – and the currently fashionability – of technology-based and mediated learning was overdue. (We also noticed that good articles on the theme aren’t always easy to find: the techno-utopians have always had a strong web presence, but the Luddites are increasingly vocal online too!). So we were pleased to find the following two articles, both of which are well worthy of reaching a wider audience , and remind us that the focus needs to be on the ‘learning’ not the ‘e’.

(For more of our Crackers link to blog posts we’ve particularly admired around the web, just click here.)

Disentanglement: Aconventional is the blog of Nick Shackleton-Jones, a Group Head of eLearning, and this post explores the way in which it is too easy – and often too tempting – to conflate things that would be better served by a degree of separation. One example is the experience of learning and its subsequent impact – as Nick points out “learning professionals know how to deliver a good experience in a room (an entertaining presenter, a good venue, food, variety, enthusiasm, activities, networking etc.) but we have not yet figured out how to deliver a good experience online (at least not in a learning context). That’s why elearning people keep saying ‘but look at games!‘.”

Content vs Technology: an article from Laura Layton-James’ Purple Learning Blog, which we also quoted in our event review. This is a second posting there that deserves a read by anyone in L&D who is wrestling with eLearning. An aspect of Laura’s post that seems particularly worth praising is that L&D need to explore and master technology to properly understand both its possibilities and its limitations, while reminding themselves that their role is to provide, promote and support learning, not just to follow technological fashions.

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