Free Resource: End-of-Year Payroll Checklist

payroll checklist

Wondering how in the world you’re going to juggle the holidays, along with important year-end business tasks?

We can’t do your shopping for you, but the free End-of-Year Payroll Checklist from Patriot Software can help you wrap up this year’s business. 

These simple reminders will help you remember payroll tax deadlines — as well as other smart employee-related tasks — so you can be ready to bring in the new year!

Download the Free End-of-Year Payroll Checklist


We provide fast, simple, and affordable accounting and payroll software. After a rough start-up experience, we know first hand what small businesses need in order to breakthrough and achieve success. So we created a software service to help you keep the two things you don’t have enough of… time and money.

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