Four useful (and free) events for the managers, leaders and coaches among us

I’ve got four great events coming up that I’d love you to check out and perhaps be part of.

The first three have this in common:
1. there’s no charge at all and
2. they’re stuffed full of usefulness and
3. they’re virtual, so you don’t need to leave your computer to get full immersion.

The final one is a conference in Boston on EQ that I know will appeal to some of you.

1. WBECS: Possibly the Best Virtual Coaching Conference in the World (running virtually May and June)

I spoke at the World Business and Executive Coach Summit last year, and I’m really excited to be speaking again. If you’re a coach – internal or external – or thinking about being a coach, this is absolutely the place to be during May and June.

And you can pick up your complimentary pass right here:

Here’s how it works. For a full month, there’s an absolutely free conference “TED Talk style” with such fantastic thinkers and speakers as:

  • Dan Pink (his book Drive speaks to the very essence of Great Work)
  • Charles Duhigg (whose work on building new Habits is the most influential force in my program redesign right now)
  • Mary Beth O’Neill who’s written one of the top three coaching books I know
  • Michael Port (who’s just released a wonderful illustrated version of his best-seller Booked Solid)
  • Marshall Goldsmith, who’s a lovely man and the most influential CEO coach I know
  • Sir John Whitmore, who’s definition of coaching is the very one I use in my own workshops
  • … and a big bunch more. It’s really a stellar cast.

(It’s not a coincidence that you can listen to Great Work Interviews with all of these people, by the way. That’s how highly I rate them. Just click on their names above.)

I’ll be speaking on May 23 at 11am EST, if you want to hold that in your calendar, on “embracing your inner Darth Vader. ” It will be lots of fun.

Then, if you want, you can sign up for the follow on paid conference where the speakers go deeper and wider on their topics. (I’ll be speaking Monday June 17th at 11am.)

I’d love to have you along and I’ll be attending a number of the sessions myself.


2. WBOLS: The inaugural online conference for the busy manager (Also running virtually May and June)

Inspired by the success of WBECS for coaches (see above), Bob Alton has created a similar wonderful virtual conference for busy managers looking to have more impact in the work they do.

Throughout May and June you can dip in and out of some really high quality content – and at no cost to you.

As with WBECS, we start in May with a free pre-conference gathering with TED-style talks. There are a really interesting mix of speakers sharing their wisdom.
Here are a few of the people on the agenda:

Again, you can tell how much I rate them by the fact I’ve done Great Work Interviews with all of them.

I’m speaking May 29 at 11am EST, and sharing some of the content from my new book… Yes, it should be good!

In June (if you wish) you can then sign up for the full conference, where the faculty go deeper into the work they’re sharing with you.

In short: awesome speakers, in the convenience of your home, and for no charge. Yep, it’s fantastic.


3. HR That Works webinar, May 23

I’m running a useful, practical webinar in partnership with HR That Works on May 23 at 2pm ET.
“The Four Counterintuitive Truths About Effective Coaching in Business” is about the links between the life of the time-crunched manager and the skills needed to be more coach-like in the work you do.

Curious? I hope so. And it’s easier to register – just click this link.


4. NexusEQ Business Conference, Boston, MA June 24-26th.

If you’re interested in the latest science and practices of EQ, this might be the conference for you.

It’s a gathering of 80 experts from around the world – academics, scientists and practitioners – exploring the ways that EQ can best be harnessed to help people and organizations flourish. June 2013 at the Harvard Medical School Conference Center.

I’m increasingly aware that the programs we offer at Box of Crayons rely on participants having a certain level of EQ to really be effective.

But how to move from theory to practice? Well, I think this conference will help.

To register for the NexusEQ Executive Summit – a 1-day business program within the conference, just click here 

To receive a 30% discount, valid through May 25th, above the big green “Register” button, click “Enter Promotional Code” and enter EXCRAYONS

To register for the NexusEQ Conference, click here.

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