Four Traits to Look for in Any Speaker You’re Booking for an Event

Finding the best public speaker for any event can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating. The perfect public speakers are people who carry themselves in a certain way, make the audience feel good, and speak about the topics that truly matter to the people attending the event. There are a number of traits that an event organizer should keep an eye out for when it comes to choosing the right speaker for an event. Read further to learn about four of the traits to look for in a public speaker.

Firm Knowledge Base and Background

When choosing a speaker for any event, it is important that the speaker be someone who has an extensive knowledge base and background in the area on which they are speaking. The worst outcome of a public speech would be a question and answer period with a speaker who couldn’t answer any of the questions. This can ruin a speaker’s credibility and also the credibility of the event coordinator or the company hosting the event.

Positive Recognition

Finding a talented speaker can be as easy as ensuring the speaker has a good following. A top-notch speaker, such as Dragons’ Den’s Peter Jones, is someone who is known for their charisma, their finely tuned expertise in whichever area they are speaking, and their high recognition. Read the reviews before booking a speaker for any event.

The Right Level of Confidence

A speaker’s self confidence is a major part of a positive impression. Although, sometimes a speaker can be so confident that they come off as invasive or rude. A speaker who is confident in themselves, and who can make the audience feel good, is a speaker who will be better recognized by the audience. The speaker should not be someone who comes across as too confident or the audience will not want to sit and listen to them, and the audience will not respect the event or the event coordinators.

Relatable to the Audience

One of the biggest factors in hiring the right public speaker for a particular event is the term “relatable.” Is the public speaker relatable to the audience? Can the audience understand what the speaker is talking about, or is the speaker using lingo that only a few people can relate to? It is important to book a speaker based on the type of event and the audience at large. A good speaker is a person who is able to tailor their speaking to the crowd, no matter how many people may be listening, and no matter which demographic they are speaking to.

Hiring a high quality speaker for any event should take more consideration than a person may think at first glance. Be sure to take the time necessary to get to know the speaker’s abilities, background, confidence level, and how relatable they are. If possible, watch the speaker live to get a feel for how well they speak to an audience.

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