Forrester Report on Social Technographics in India

Steven Noble from Forrester interviewed me some time back for Forrester’s Social Technographics in India report. Forrester released the report last week and sent me a copy.

The Social Technographics profile is based on in-person interviews with 353 SEC ABC online adult respondents in metropolitan India (including Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai) between March and April 2009.

Forrester Social Technographics in India

Using the top Indian website in each category (as per October ‘09 data from Vizisense) as a reference, it’s easy to see that these numbers cannot be right, especially for Joiners –

– Overall Internet Population: 42.9m

– Creators: No estimates
– Critics (Mouthshut): 0.8m (2%)
– Collectors (Digg): 0.9m (2%)
– Joiners (Orkut): 15.5m (36%)
– Spectators (YouTube): 10.9 (25%)
– Inactives: No estimates

I had earlier tried to estimate the Social Technographics profile of metro India using public data. Since then, I have revised some of these estimates, based on Vizisense data and discussions with the JuxtConsult folks.

Incidentally, Forrester also released its new Social Technographics in the US report last week and added a new category called Conversationalists, to factor in the increased importance of status messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Forrester Social Technographics in United States

Based on back of the envelop calculations, with Vizisense data as the starting point, here are my broad guesstimates for each category:

– Creators: 3m (7%)
– Conversationalists: 5 (12%)
– Critics: 5m (12%)
– Collectors: 5m (12%)
– Joiners: 20m (47%)
– Spectators: 20m (47%)
– Inactives: 15m (35%)

What do you think? Do the Forrester Social Technographics numbers resonate with your experience with social media in India?

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