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Forget Global Warming and the Polar Vortex, Here comes Cloudburst!

Working in the Cloud


Cloudburst (Photo credit: nickweinrauch)

Here’s a really good article about The Hybrid Cloud and the Future of Work.  It starts out like this:

The cloud is everywhere. The future of business and technology looks something like this: IT, as we know it, isn’t going to be physical anymore. Most data will be housed on cloud-based networks instead of owned or leased in-house servers.

Working through a Cloudburst

Here’s the problem that I have with the cloud.  I use it for my own stuff. I store information I want to save for blogs, consulting projects, and work related research.  I work off four different devices – company owned laptop, personal laptop, iPad and iPhone.  It seems like the cloud would be the perfect solution for storing and retrieving files, right? Wrong.  Because I work with Windows devices and Apple devices, and I work across various firewall issues at work and at home, my clouds don’t play well together. That means I wind up using different cloud services to store stuff in multiple places on multiple clouds. I use DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, iCloud, and Skydrive or whatever the Microsoft cloud is called this week, and no matter what I file I need, I can never find the damn thing. I suffer from CLoudburst, an overflowing abundance of virtual files and file storage services that leave my virtual office just as messy and cluttered as my meat world office is. I blame the cloud, that frozen wasteland of lost files and data. How do you use the cloud, and who do you blame?

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