Forces in sustainability

As our nation becomes increasingly eco-aware, we’re seeing corporations, engineers and industry leaders stand up for sustainable resources.  Today we’d like to highlight a few of these sustainability trends (and those that champion them) as we move into 2012:

Sustainability Trend #1: Sustainable Fish

The world population is growing at a phenomenal rate, and much of the global population relies on fish as a significant portion of their primary diet. But fishing boundaries are often unclear, and some nations tend to over-fish to meet demands of their local population or the global market. Emerging from this dilemma are concerned individuals and organizations that are focused on developing a sustainable method for raising and harvesting fish. Chefs like Jesse Cool and John Ash (both from respected restaurants in California) have pledged to change their menus at their respective restaurants to ensure that the food that they’re producing is sustainable. As part of their pledge they have a good agreed to do such things as 1) not serving any wild caught or farmed seafood that’s on Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch red “avoid” list, 2) agreeing to communicate their pledge with their colleagues and with the public to encourage other people to join them and 3) to use their talents to generate new menu items that demonstrate how sustainable seafood is as tasty as any alternative.

Sustainability trend #2: Sustainable Wood

Similar to the world population of fish, the world population of natural wood is dwindling at an alarming rate. Consumers across the globe enjoy using wood to build and furnish their homes, as well as a myriad of other purposes. Since wood is in such high demand, there have been individuals who stepped up to explore sustainable alternatives to many of the hardwoods that are over forested. One popular solution is bamboo. Bamboo is a very remarkable resource, given it can grow between 3 to 7 times faster than other trees. People like Leo and Lishu Rodriguez have become strong advocates for the use of bamboo for everything from strand woven bamboo flooring, to high end furniture. While reforesting is, and will continue to be a global focus, trendy solutions like bamboo will serve to reverse a damaging trend.

Sustainability trend #3: Sustainable Energy

It is no surprise that fossil fuels are creating massive problem for our Earth’s ecosystem. Fossil fuels burn very dirty and create pollutants that can harm our atmosphere and pollute the entire earth. As such a great deal of research has been sponsored to look into the viability of wind power solar power wave power in a variety of other completely secede sustainable resources. One new sustainable energy source that’s being actively researched is energy that comes from volcanoes. It may sound like science fiction but the technology and resources to make it a reality are right around the corner. Gumundur Omar Friedleifsson is the chief geologist and local coordinator of a project that is trying to produce geothermal energy from the Krafla volcano. If successful, his venture could create enough heat to warm 30,000 homes.

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