For HR to survive HR has to be redundant

The Human Resources group within any organization is in a confusing situation often. With the exceptions of some organizations most other organizations demand a lot of accountability from their HR groups without giving them corresponding responsibility.

While organizations make statements about “people being their most important assets” the reality is that HR cannot control most of the decisions that cause people to leave organizations.

Yes I have blogged earlier that some of the skills Human Resources professionals need to build need to be around facilitation. I stick to that stand. I’ll add to say that HR people need to work to actively give up control over what ever they do. Hand over that control to line manager.  Empower them. Technology makes it easy to help them recruit and train and compensate their employees. Applicant Tracking Systems, and external tools like Linkedin do a great job to find talent (whether contractor or employee)

Until managers do not do it without handholding by the Human Resources group – they would never appreciate what needs to be done.

As it is, most low end Administrative work as well as high end consulting work is outsourced to external providers.

HR people need to move away to build skill sets to coach and train business leaders. Apart from that there is really no need for them to do anything else.

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