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I’ve written here before about my general huskiness, a state of being one doesn’t achieve if they don’t have a strong fondness for eating (and overeating); in my earlier exploits at losing some of said huskiness I followed the tried and true (and research backed up) process of keeping a food diary. It’s a bit of a cathartic experience to see in words the reality of this nibble and that gobble and those trips to the upstairs vending machine.

There is a certain accountability in recording what you eat – but if you’re at all like me, then a private record of what you’re doing and your progress and failures in trying to live less dangerously can be a bit of a tool in futility without someone (or someones) to keep you honest. So in my last great effort to shed a few pounds I started using myFitnessPal – I was all about the website and the app on my phone. I found the combination super handy, the interface was friendly, there’s a community of other users if that’s your thing, and best of all it’s free. I used myFitnessPal and I lost weight, and then I did that thing that people sometimes do when they get too confident – I abandoned my process, I stopped using the site and its resources, I haven’t lost any significant amount of weight since.

So my latest step in a year of living less dangerously I’ve created a new account (fresh start and all that) and would invite any readers of this blog to join me in this grand experiment at being better, stronger, and faster – my username is as one might expect: thehrfieldguide.

I’ll be checking in and recording pounds dropped; I may use the blog function for some cross-posting fun (at least on #YLLD posts); I hope to use the site as a resource in keeping myself on track and accountable. Wish me luck in this experiment in public food journaling and I hope to see some of you around myFitnessPal in the near future.

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