Following the Adventures of “Unemployed Man”

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and now….Unemployed Man?  

It’s true – we now have a superhero for the recession era.  The Huffington Post has featured several select comics from Eric Origen and Gan Golan’s book, The Adventures of Unemployed Man (the above comic is one of my favorites.)   In the same vein as the DC Comics superheroes, Origen and Golan developed characters such as Wonder Mother, Plan B (Unemployed Man’s sidekick) and Everyman as a way to “provide people with emotional catharsis, perspective and comic relief.”   

And just who are Unemployed Man’s sworn enemies, you ask? Among the many are Pink Slip, The Outsourcerer, COBRA and…The Human Resource (although not a bad-looking villain, if you ask me.)  

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