Florida is a frozen wasteland

Cold weather in Florida affects the entire United States

I wrote a couple of days ago about global warming, the cold snap in Florida, and how miserable it is making me in the mornings when I have to scrape ice off the windshield of my Saab.   While the tone of that post, which is a part of my on-going Saab stories feature, was intended to be fun, there is also a serious side to the abnormally cold weather currently affecting Florida.

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A lot of the produce consumed in the United States during the winter months in grown in Florida.  When weather like we are currently faces, much of that crop is endangered.   If the crop is damaged,  supplies are threatened and prices to the consumer are driven up.   The entire United States is impacted by what happens right here in cold, frozen Florida.

Weather Contingency Plans

Obviously, farmers have contingency plans, and do the best they can to protect their crops.   I’m no expert on the topic, but I drive by a lot of farming sites every day, and what you see happening on short notice is amazing.

Growers react to the weather in Florida

What happens?

Workers appear in the fields overnight, ready to pick and process as much of the ready crop as they can in advance of the cold weather.  Trucks start to roll filled with nearly ripe produce, off to processing plants.   Irrigation pumps are activated, spraying newly planted crops with water that is warmer than the air, trying to prevent them from freezing and being killed by the cold weather.

When the cold weather ends, all this activity stops, and things go back to normal until the next time.

But the price ripple caused by this weather will affect us all for months to come.

Saab story video — Strawberry Fields Forever

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