Flat Rate LMS, a Corporate Training Must-have

LMS Corporate TrainingCorporations fuel the economy with billion dollar valuations. This may be why people think big corporations can afford whatever they want. In reality, the size of a company reflects the costs that go into maintaining it. One of the greatest expenses corporations assume is employee training.

Employee training can easily take up a significant portion of a corporation’s annual budget. Even when setting up online training options, like learning management systems (LMSs), corporations still assume huge expenses. And these estimations do not take into account the investment of staying up-to-date with trends in technology.

Training costs are high and on the rise. How will corporations continue to afford preparing multitudes of employees?

Flat Rate LMS

A flat rate LMS is the solution to avoiding rising costs of corporate training. Often times, online training portals carry pay-per-user price tags. This could result in astronomical expenses for a large business entity.

TOPYX is a social LMS that is available for a flat rate subscription fee. More than budgetary benefits, this software technology evolves with changing trends. TOPYX offers collaborative learning options, a social environment, and mobile accessibility.

Collaborative Learning

Today’s corporate training involves interacting with other team members to learn and grow. Equip the workforce with activities, exercises, and curriculum that they share with one another in community settings.

Social Learning

Online communication makes it possible to provide new employees with exclusive training opportunities. Encourage interaction with peers, colleagues, and upper-level management. Broadcast special insider tips web conferences, blogs, forums, and more.

Mobile Learning

Most corporate employees have tech devices that can connect them to online training portals with the swipe of a finger. Mobile learning provides easy access to online content. This means workplace training tasks can be completed anywhere, at any time.

As technology continues to advance, so will TOPYX® social LMS. TOPYX is a cloud-based program that is maintained by the software provider. This means no hardware is installed, and all maintenance can be done off site. Explore TOPYX with a free demo and see what cutting edge trends are available to subscribers.

Learn more about how TOPYX specifically addresses corporate LMS needs.

Corporations that strive to keep training costs low now have a flat-rate, online portal that is right for any business model. Combining collaborative, social, and mobile learning features empowers employees to actively participate in online training. Staying up with technology trends and maintaining a low budget ensures a corporation can grow in the future.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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