Five ways to develop the right culture in your organisation

Culture can be a difficult thing to define – but it is the very essence of the workplace; the way people work, the way they interact with each other and with customers, the way that things are done, acknowledged and achieved – and the way that people are supported, encouraged and grow within an organisation.

Creating a culture which not only supports but which also encourages people to grow, to push outside of their safe comfort zone, to explore new avenues and take strides towards a bigger, better future, can be difficult – particularly if the company has been established for some time and has a more conservative culture in place.

Changing a workplace culture is a challenge – but it’s one well worth exploring; ASK us today how we can support you through that process, and identify what it is that you want to achieve.

What are the five biggest strengths in a successful company’s culture?


Continuing to do what has always been done well is a great way to remain constant and consistent; the only problem with this is that when you remain constant, the world around you moves – and before you realise what’s happening, you’re behind your competitors and the customers are looking for things you can’t give.

Innovation – supporting new ideas, exploring new technology, new methodology, continuing to learn and grow – is the only way to ensure that your people don’t stagnate; a culture of innovation keeps people interested, passionate and driven to succeed.

Tell people’s stories

Behind every success is a team of people – someone who had a great idea, a boss who saw the potential in that, designers, creators, backers and sloggers who took that idea and ran with it to create a product, a service or a tool which works.

Those people are that success. They are why it happened, how it happened, and as well as telling the world about the great new thing you’ve got to sell, tell the story of who created it, why they created it – and the stories of every person who was part of making it happen. People connect with people – and the best tool you have in your organisation is the people who work there.

Mix and match

Even the most successful teams can run out of steam – so rather than letting one gang of allstars be the A team and everyone else having to try to match up to them, mix and match your people; take strengths from every area and add them to teams which have different skills. Combine the knowledge, experience and passion of people from different walks of life to see how they can stretch each other even further.

Success comes in all kinds of flavours – and you can create your organisation’s own unique blend and see what grows.

Stop being afraid

Change is scary – and the fear of failing can stop you from taking risks, but without change you can’t continue to grow – so encourage people to speak up about their ideas, try new ideas out, explore different ways of completing the tasks you always have to do.

Fear is a natural human response to change, but we can’t let fear stop us from moving forward. Bravery, as they say, isn’t the absence of fear – it’s feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Encourage your workforce to be brave.

Listen, listen, listen!

No matter how high up the ladder – or how new to the workplace – everyone has something of value to add. Your latest intern could be the next business guru waiting to happen – your mail boy could revolutionise your invoicing, the MD could switch your CRM to a revolutionary new system, the marketing assistant may launch your brand into the stratosphere with a wacky new campaign.

Everyone has something worth hearing – and the only way to know that is to listen to them. Give your employees – all of them – the chance to be open and vocal about their experiences, their ideas and their ambition. The simple act of being listened to is enough to create a more positive culture even before you act on any of the things being said.

If you want to create a culture which supports growth, change and success, speak to our team about the learning programmes we designed for precisely that. Want to know whether they would work for you? Just ASK…


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