Five Craziest Things in my Desk

The other day, I was struck with the bug to reorganize my desk drawers at work. I decided to switch the right and left file drawers and retire a bunch of paper. As I worked, I noticed I’ve collected a lot of interesting objects during my tenure:

  1. Furniture spray. My table shows fingerprints quickly, especially nervous interviewee hand-prints, so I spray and clean several times weekly.
  2. Contact lens solution. If you wear contacts, you understand.
  3. Deodorant. ‘Cuz you know, sometimes you run out of your house in a hurry. And the rest of the world shouldn’t have to suffer!
  4. A red velvet Christmas stocking declaring: Best Employee.
  5. Baggies with dog food and dog treats tucked into a dog bowl at the back of a file drawer, preparation for those weekends when my dogs accompany me to work.

What are the strangest things you have in your office?

Or what’s the craziest thing you found in an inherited desk when you moved in?

photo by Manatari

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