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David Meerman Scott

“When I was 26 years old, I move to Tokyo. Almost exactly at the same time, Chad Rowan moved there from Hawaii. He became the first foreign-born Grand Champion sumo wrestler in Japan. He took the name Akebono.

“He was unbelievably disruptive. Can you imagine there’s this American who’s the number one sumo wrestler in the Japanese national sport? I had the pleasure of meeting him several different times.

“That taught me that, if he could become the best in someone else’s national sport, I could do anything. An extremely valuable thing to realize.”

FOR MORE: See her video below

Let’s Disrupt This!
The companion book to Disrupt! is The Courage Within Us. During disruptive times, we all need to unleash that courage. And, like David discovered, very often it’s the person next to us who can help us do that.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of “If he/she can do that, I can certainly tackle my challenges.”
Leverage that…From your own life.

Call upon your own disruptive hero to help you unleash the courage within you. Now!

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