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Nancy Duarte
Author, Resonate

When reading Jim Collins’ Good to Great. “The dot-com crash had just happened. Our strategy was to be generalists. We did a little bit of everything for clients — presentations, Web, print, multimedia… Our navigation bar included everything imaginable.

“Then there was something in Good to Great that completely blew me back… It was: If there’s one thing you can do, and you can be best in the world at that one thing, and be passionate about that one thing — then do just that one thing.

“We decided to cut everything out and focus just on doing presentations for clients, because we were really good at it and nobody else wanted to do it. Once we did that, I fell in love with the power of the spoken word. You can’t point to any movement ever that didn’t start with the spoken word.

“So our current owning that space of helping to put words in the mouths of powerful people wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t headed what Jim Collins said and taken his disruptive idea of focusing on one thing and becoming a master of that.”

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Let’s Disrupt This!
Whether it’s a work or play or home…You know what you need to do. Most likely your life and work strategy is like Duarte’s was before she had her Aha — all over the place. There is huge power in simplicity and focus.

Narrow that focus and you can own whatever space you wish. Go for it. Have the courage to simplify and narrow your focus. Find your one thing.

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