Financial Well-Being, Part 2: The Surprising Key to Employee Financial Well-Being

Welcome back to our series looking at employee financial well-being and how to improve it. In part one, we discussed the effects of financial stress on U.S. employees, and how during this pandemic, that stress is compounded by uncertainty, mass furloughs, and layoffs. This stress manifests itself in ways ranging from lost sleep to lost productivity at work. We also covered the cycle of debt behind that stress, in which, due to rising costs of living, workers are often forced to take out high-interest loans to make ends meet. Employers lose here too, with costs related to employee financial stress growing year after year. We have been tracking this data using an annual survey by our partner, Salary Finance, this year titled Inside the Wallets of Working Americans: the 2nd Annual Salary Finance Report. As we hinted last time, there’s a simple, workplace-based solution to alleviating this cycle of debt and stress.

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