Financial Well-being Part 1: Now More Than Ever, Employers Must Heed Their Employees’ Financial Well-being

Stress may appear to be a soft metric by which to predict the financial well-being of employees. But beyond the intuition and empathy that HR leaders and corporate managers should bring to their job, research indicates that there’s a significant correlation between the two. During these economically unprecedented times, employee stress is compounded by uncertainty, changes in working life, and mass furloughs and layoffs.  This is a subject we take extraordinarily seriously at Legal & General, and our Fintech company has been studying financial stress in the U.S. workplace, and our partner, Salary Finance, has documented its implications in their annual survey on the topic. This year’s study, Inside the Wallets of Working Americans: the 2nd Annual Salary Finance Report, builds on findings from last year. Of the nearly 3,000 Americans we surveyed for this year’s study, 42% reported feeling financial stress.

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