Finally going mobile

I don’t travel a lot. This year I was away for 47 days, or 13% of the year. The other 87% of the time I was in Sackville, in my home office or down at the café with wifi and lots of people I know. That’s probably why, in 2011, I have finally purchased my first smart phone, an iPhone 4s. My old phone was coming up for renewal and since I’ve been with the same vendor for over 20 years, I figured I’d probably stick with them, not that service is great, but it’s okay.

I decided to go with Apple’s latest offering for several reasons. The 8MP camera meant I would no longer need a separate camera (so my son is happy with his new hand-me-down Canon). The iPhone is good enough for me, a very amateur photographer. I was also intrigued with Siri and wanted to understand it and see what it might mean for workplace learning. Also, it looks like I’ll be travelling more in 2012, so buying equipment before year end just made business sense.

Basically, I’m a newbie with smart phones. This is a good thing, as I’ll have a better understanding of what challenges are presented to other workers as they have to adopt these technologies. I’ll try to narrate my learning as I figure out this mobile stuff, which my colleague Clark is so adept at.

I realize that mobile is a critical part of the future of workplace learning. I intend to do some serious learning this year. I also bought my son an iPhone 3GS and it’s amazing to see how quickly he has added it into his life. It’s time for me to keep up.

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