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Lifeline for America?

This post is rhetorical.  It is filled with questions that have no good answers.    The truth is there re no good answers.

Unemployment benefits are about to run for a whole bunch of people, and they are scared to death about it.  No one seems to know what to do about it.

The best idea out there seems to be keeping the extensions going.

If you haven’t seen this video featuring  American citizens who are facing the imminent loss of their unemployment benefits after 99 weeks, you should.   It is gripping, filled with palpable fear, pathos, and frustration.  It drives a hard message, which is the intent of the video – delivered a few days ago by the AFL-CIO.  It does a terrific job of supporting a message that it is very important to continue extended benefits for the unemployed.

The thing it does not address, and which makes this post rhetorical is the failure to address anything beyond the extension.  What happens the next time extensions lapse – do another extension, make another video? How long do you keep people on unemployment?

What we really need are jobs, and we aren’t seeing them come back like we should be.  Simply extending UI won’t do anything to fix that.  Maybe we should invest funds in small business to create jobs.    Like I said before, no really answers to these questions.

Where should we go next?  I can’t wait to see that video….

There have got to be better answers, don’t there?

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