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If you’ve worked in HR for any length of time, you’ve likely been involved in one or more conversations centered around employee engagement, talent acquisition strategy, and/or employee referral programs (pro and con) – these are all things that bounce around the HR leader’s radar with some degree of frequency whether it’s in your “sandbox” or not. And for more of my career than not, these have been topics that fell squarely into my area of tinkering and oversight; so it wasn’t a huge surprise when a friend from earlier in my career who knows how I feel about these topics, how I feel about whiteboard videos (as in I have a minor obsession), and my boundless excitement about gamifying all the things sent me a a link to the video below:

But as awesome as I might have found the video, watching it got me curious about the company behind it. Rolepoint, based in San Francisco – one of my favorite places to visit, vacation, work (in a past role I was fortunate to have to travel there for business with some degree of frequency) – New York and London is a social recruitment dynamo that mixes all the things that make talent fulfillment a fun place to hang your hat with big data. Some things pilfered from their pages about what they do and how and why I’m excited to ramble on about them a bit include:

Talent acquisition teams want to engage employees
RolePoint optimizes the referral network. A powerful set of tools help you build, manage and engage the talent that surrounds your organization. A powerful series of algorithms optimizes every aspect of your referral network to maximize engagement and make your referrals process smarter over time.

Employees want transparency and help identifying their best fit contacts
Referring qualified connections has never been easier. The RolePoint Match algorithm shows them which jobs they have the highest probability of successfully making a referral for and who from their contacts would be the strongest potential candidate. Fast feedback loops ensure employees are updated at every stage.

Referred candidates want a personal experience
RolePoint gives them multiple options to engage with your organization. Whether being recommended by an employee, via your talent community or social job distribution you can maximize the conversion of passive candidates to referred hires.

HR need insight to make better decisions
RolePoint gives them predictive analytics to improve their processes. With a full set of actionable analytics and management tools, RolePoint gives HR complete control over referrals and internal mobility.

RolePoint pairs their talk (the written kind on their website and twitter) with more talk (the video kind) on a robust YouTube channel featuring the video above along with insights from the likes of Kevin Wheeler, Gerry Crispin (the man who introduced me to LinkedIn some ten years ago), and others; and a lengthy collection of slideshares, white papers, and other shiny things that help get the point (and sales pitch) across on their website. So if you’re looking for a new vendor or partner in your quest for engagement and top notch talent acquisition, or if you’re just looking for some good ideas and a sense of possible best practices then take a few minutes and see what RolePoint has to say.

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