Little-known FGCU beat San Diego State 81-71 on Sunday night, its second NCAA tournament upset of the weekend. Just like in their opening win over second-seeded Georgetown there were plenty of laughs, dunks and dances.

It took Florida Gulf Coast about 48 hours to go from the butt of jokes to one of the most memorable NCAA Basketball tournament stories in history. But just how unlikely was it for the team to have reached the Round of 16? Based on the Nate Silver’s calculations, from the FiveThirtyEight blog, the odds were just 3.3% that Florida Gulf Coast would advance to the Sweet 16.

FGCU's odds of winning

It is because of the success of the underdog FGCU Eagles that every once in a while I take a chance on an RPO opportunity where the odds are not really in Pinstripe’s favor. Sometimes I just get a gut feeling that an opportunity might not be so far-fetched and I go after it. And if I don’t win the Recruitment Process Outsourcing deal, I have at least got our name out there for the better and made a great impression.

The point is simply that the NCAA tournament and RPO RFPs offer lots and lots of opportunities for highly improbable things to happen. More importantly every now and then, we do win the whole thing and, like the Eagles, we celebrate our success with lots of arm waving, big smiles and high-fives.

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