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Human Resource Management
Feature Stories
In this section we feature events, products, books and people.

Be it an event that we enjoyed participating or a product we were fascinated with or a book that we loved reading or a person who deserves to be written about, this page is less about subjects related to human resource management and more about the events, products, books and people who are related to this field in some way or the other.

Our objective is to understand and appreciate their purpose and acknowledge their contribution to Human Resource Management.

We request you to please bear with us for the delay in publishing our feature stories. Every story goes through a number of reviews. It takes a few weeks before the story is ready to be featured.

We don’t publish comparative studies or comparison to similar group of products.

This section is also a catalog of our feature stories published in magazines, newspapers, newsletters and websites. We use this section to share links and references of our feature stories and we welcome comments on all our write-ups.

Here is a brief of what we cover in our feature stories:

¨ Testimony A first-person account of an event, activity etc.
¨ Behind the Scenes Gives a ‘back door’ look at an event
¨ Interview Writers interaction with the dignitary and the story in a narrative or Q&A format
¨ Profile An examination of a specific person
¨ Book Reviews – An honest review about our experience with the book
¨ Blog Reviews – Our review is less about the SEO ratings and the age of the blog and more about how user friendly the blog is and how engaging are its articles.
¨ Product Reviews – We don’t write product reviews because of the complexity and technicalities involved. But we do accept guest posts and feature them here.
¨ The Color Piece Throws light on a theme

And of course there is more to come…

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