Facilitation and the Social Web

Here are slides from a  presentation I did for the Australian Institute for Training and Development (AITD) a few weeks ago on facilitation and the social web. I have several people to thank for making their work available whether publicly and/or under creative commons licenses.

First, Nancy White, Full Circle Associates and co-author of Digital Habitats, a thought leader in the area of community, technology, learning, and facilitation who blogs at Full Circle. Theorist

George Siemens, with the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University. who wrote a post “Teaching in Social and Technological Networks.”

Stephen Downes, National Research Council of Canada, who wrote his presentation notes for a 2007 event, Groups Vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues.”

Ted Kahn, DesignWorlds and fellow of The George Lucas Educational Foundation, who wrote A New Model of Education: Designing Virtual Communities for Creativity and Learning where he lists seven new basic skills for creating effective communities.

Here are the slides. I can’t stress enough is that in order to be a good facilitator, you need to be an active member of your online communities whether a public network or a private network. I feel to be successful, you need to be embedded in the community and have a high vested interest.

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