Facebook, Twitter use takes off on mobiles

The other day I posted about Nielsen’s stats showing that the over 25s (and over 35s in particular) are the most active on mobile social networks, as opposed to teens.   The other giant metrics firm, Comscore (via Marketing Charts), has now produced figures about the growth of mobile social networking in general.

Looking at the US, Comscore worked out that access to Facebook via mobiles grew by 112% over the past year, while mobile Twitter access went up 347%.

At the same time, MySpace continues to decline on mobiles as well as on the Web, with 7% less users accessing it via their mobile devices.

Unsurprisingly, the growth in mobile social networking comes from smartphone users – hence the over 35s that Nielsen talked about who are both more likely to be able to afford one and also get one via their jobs.    30.8% of smartphone users accessed mobile social networks, compared to just 6.8% of more run of the mill ‘feature phone’ users.

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