Extending the tablet proposition

A few months ago, I opined about what the opportunities for mlearning with a tablet are.  And while I think I got it largely right, I missed one.

What I said before is that tablets make sense when you need a fair bit of data at once, and/or when your mobility constraints aren’t too severe.  There’s something nice about the big screen even if you don’t need the data, if you’ve the time and flexibility.  I take my iPad up to the living room, not my phone.  But you don’t take your tablet with you everywhere, like you do your phone.

So I was having a nice conversation with the CEO of an elearning firm, and he was talking about their customers and their mobile tablet solution. He was talking about sales as a large part of their business, and I was reminded that there was another situation where tablets make sense: sharing!

Sharing a tablet to look at something is much easier, and friendlier.  It’s even fun.  So if you need to show something to someone, or work with them together on something, tablets are a nicer solution. You can sit together looking at the screen, going through things, pointing to things, even acting on them.  I keep a number of images on the qPhone and qPad for sharing, but except for family photos, I prefer the tablet.  If I’m sharing diagrams, or one of the portfolio items I’ve stored, it’s better on the larger screen.

If social is part of the designed solution, tablets have a viable reason to be considered as a potential solution.   So, tablets make sense when you need the screen real estate, and/or when you have more freedom of movement and less constraints on size, and/or when you’re sharing your screen.  Make sense?

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