Extending Invitations

Extending Invitations

Last week I purged all the books from my bookshelf, I threw out all my workshop notes and articles, and I deleted 1800 blog posts and 1400 images (everything) from my website.

I wanted to begin with an ending for a beginning I do not yet fully understand. I ask for your patience as this evolves and I strive to be patient with myself.

What I do know is that the concept and experience of invitations will be the backdrop of how I proceed. I don’t care for rules, commandments, cheap advice, manifestos, proclamations, and all the various things tossed our way that feel more like coercion than invitation.

While I refine my own invitations I invite you to get to know Johnnie Moore. Spend a little time with Johnnie at:

I am so impressed by his thoughts, perspectives, and very present and engaging demeanour. His methodology of unhurried conversations sings to a time when so many of us are lost in seeking and offering advice without really knowing.

I revel in Johnnie’s video ‘walk and talks’ and his willingness “not to know.” I invite you to visit him this week and scroll through some of the many posts he has created for us.

Meanwhile, I look forward to sharing my invitations as they take shape. As I proceed, I will keep reminding myself that the sky is not the limit, it is usually me.

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