Expand Your Mind: Working Women

Expand Your Mind: Working Women

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Finding work, let alone meaningful work, these days is a challenge, to say the least. Here are stories of five entrepreneurial women and their unconventional solutions.

What would you do if you learned you had cancer? Thousands are diagnosed every day; many respond by raising money for research and some start non-profits, but very few respond the way Kris Carr, star of the documentary “Crazy Sexy Cancer,” or Lee Rhodes, founder of Glassybaby did.

Do teens fascinate you? They fascinate Madeleine P. Brennan, principal of 1,500-student Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201 in Brooklyn and they have for every one of the 48 years-and-counting that she has held the position.

Looking to make some extra money or find a new career path? Terry Marotta-Lopriore spent a lot of time visiting her father, who died six and a half years ago, and says it was his idea that she become a cemetery visitor for hire. Before you knock it try it, who knows, you might like it.

Now for a sweet finish.

There are dozens of cupcake entrepreneurs across the country, but how many cup of cake entrepreneurs have you heard of? Meet Sharon Tracy, who created the perfect solution for those who want to serve fresh, warm, sinful desserts to their guests, without missing the party to do it. She invented a way to put a Belgium chocolate soufflé cake in a cup that cooks in three minutes and founded “My Cup of Cake” to share it with the world. No more holiday stress.


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