Expand Your Mind: Try Jookin

Expand Your Mind: Try Jookin

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I call Saturday Expand Your Mind and I try and provide links to articles and information of which you may be unaware or that gives you a different view of something you already know.

Along the way I learn a lot—both new stuff and new ways of looking at old stuff—just like you.

What I want to share today has nothing to do with business or anything about which I usually write.

But it blew my mind and I thought it was likely to have a similar effect on you.

A little background.

Street dancing, for lack of a better term, fascinates me. The athleticism is amazing and the skill required is obvious.

As with any art form, innovation has moved it in new directions, with multiple offshoots.

My knowledge is miniscule, so I read with great interest an article on a form called “jookin” and its stellar practitioner, Lil Buck.

In the last few years Memphis jookin has acquired international celebrity, principally because of the exceptional young performer Lil Buck (real name, Charles Riley). An extraordinary YouTube clip of Lil Buck dancing “The Swan” to the cello playing of Yo-Yo Ma in April 2011 caused a sensation.

Of course I watched the clip and that’s what blew my mind.

What do you think?

Flickr image credit: pedroelcarvalho; YouTube credit: OpeningCeremonyNY’s

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