Exceptional Service worth a mention

I have to write about something extraordinary.  It’s about a free picture and exceptional customer service.
Walgreens has photo printing coupons right now.  I take a few pictures and watch for these.  I received an email this morning and was excited about a free 8 x 10 picture. Walgreens is a few blocks from my house and it was an easy stop to pick up my picture. I sent my picture for printing and while out running errands, swung by to pick up the picture.  When I went to the photo desk, there was no photo.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.
The woman who helped was incredible.  She had me log in to my Walgreen’s account to retrieve the picture.  She thought that perhaps that I sent it to a different Walgreen’s store.  Perhaps but I didn’t think so.  After some digging, the woman lets me know that they have located the picture.  It is at a Walgreen’s up the road.  No problem, I will just run up to the other store and pick it up.  No, she says, I will print you one right here, while you wait.  Seriously.
She downloads the picture and sends it to the printer. She is going to print my picture, FOR FREE, while I wait.  So of course, I do what any good consumer does, I keep shopping.  I find all kinds of great deals, including SD cards for almost nothing.  Along with my free picture, I walk out with a bag of great deals.
Kudos Walgreens!  The staff at 28th St and Kalamazoo in Grand Rapids made our visit to the store extraordinary and will now be our store of choice.  I will happily drive by Rite Aid to get to it.

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