Exceptional Experiences Require No BS

One of the things that is consistent with the organizations we work with all over the globe is that the best service organizations and the most innovative companies all have one thing in common.

The one consistent thing regardless of industry, regardless of geography, and regardless of the size of the business is that every world-class organization’s senior leaders listen to and act on the truth!!!

You can ask, “What do you mean by the truth?”

Here is precisely what I mean these senior leaders act on:

  • A fact that has been verified
  • A true and valid statement
  • Reality

Now just think about the inverse.

How many organizations have you seen or even been a part of , or worse yet, been a customer of where the senior leaders do not act on the truth?

Meaning, they act on information that is not aligned with reality and often times surround themselves with lieutenants who tell them exactly what they want to hear.

The truth isn’t good or bad, it just is.

The organizations that create the best experiences, are the most agile and are the most responsive are those where the senior leaders are removing obstacles, listening to and acting on the truth.

What’s your truth?

Do you consistently seek out and act on truth so that you can create better, faster and positively different experiences?


If your senior leaders are not grounded in reality, print out the info graphic below and post it in the executive restroom.


Click on image to enlarge

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