Evolution of the Web – Defining Web 3.0

A client of mine has asked for a description of Web 3.0, which I have kept an eye on, but from a distance, as I didn’t want to be distracted too much by the media hype machine. As I dig deeper into it, I’ve created a Web3.0 tag on Delicious and will continue to add to this. So far I’ve found a couple of good resources. My initial distillation of “Web x.0 in a nutshell” follows.

Description: Web 1.0: Universal Content, Read Only

What it Did: Basic Infrastructure of the Web, which is still in use

Prototypical Technology: HyperTextMarkupLanguage, UniversalResourceIdentifier

Examples: Websites

Description: Web 2.0: Universal Participation, Read/Write

What it Does: Mostly social innovations, as we learn how to use the Web to communicate

Prototypical Technology: ReallySimpleSyndication, AsynchronousJavascriptAndXml

Examples: Blogs, social networks

Description: Web 3.0: Universal Meaning, Contextual

What it will do: Mostly technological innovations as the Web learns (AKA Semantic Web)

Prototypical Technology: ResourceDescriptionFramework, OWL-WebOntologyLanguage

Examples: Wolfram Alpha

semantic web

Semantic Web Rubik’s Cube by Duncan Hill

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