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Everywhere you look there’s an e-learning app

Thanks to Cammy Bean for alerting me to two more apps for learning technologists. I’ve loaded them on to my iPhone and taken a look. First up is Connie Malamed‘s eLearning Coach app, which is essentially a glossary of instructional design terms. Here’s the menu …

And here’s a typical entry. It’s never too late to learn about Gagne’s nine events …
Kineo has come up with its own e-learning top tips app. Simply pick from the menu …
And learn how to love (is that possible?) your SME …
These two apps have reminded me that I have an app myself half way through development for Onlignment:
The idea’s similar and equally simple: a reference guide accessed from a menu. Now there’s no rocket science in this sort of app, but that doesn’t mean there’s no real utility. When you’re biding time fiddling around with your smart phone, why not learn a little more about design, or reinforce an idea you’ve lost touch with?
With the greater screen real estate of the iPad, Allen Communication were able to go a little further with their DesignJots app. Not sure what questions to ask the SME you love?
Looking to map out an instructional strategy?
These are early days, but it’s good to see so many e-learning people having a go. The future’s mobile so why not get yourself prepared?

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