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Everything You Wanted to Know about Employee Advocacy – Podcast Ep. 121

Everything You Wanted to Know about Employee Advocacy

Today on the podcast, I’m sharing an interview I did at the Social Tools Summit in San Francisco with Chad McCaffrey and Daniel Hebert of PostBeyond. Listen in as we talk all about employee advocacy. This episode is full of great reminders for any company thinking about establishing an employee advocacy program, reasons to start one, and tips to help convince your team or executives internally as to why it’s time to try it.

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In This Episode:

  • Employee advocacy is becoming a very important topic
  • Why huge companies are trying to mobilize lots of employees
  • How to keep up the content creation for your employee advocacy program
  • You have to remember that employee advocacy programs are an ongoing effort, not a one off game
  • Content personalization is important
  • Why departments across the business, not just the marketing department, should get involved
  • The most successful employee advocacy programs are ones that use content from marketing, HR, recruitment, and lots of other flavors to drive conversions
  • How to get involvement from the entire company from HR to internal communications to sales
  • Why you still have to tie employee advocacy to marketing
  • How the folks at PostBeyond teach their clients to think about employee advocacy
  • The importance of a personal brand
  • Content leads to conversations, conversations lead to relationships, and relationships result in ROI
  • Any use of social and especially employee advocacy is using content to fuel relationships
  • Why you have to really look at the content that your employees want to share
  • You have to tweak and fine tune the content so that everyone in the organization that appeals to them, that they want to share
  • What is the business value of employee advocacy
  • Why salespeople have to match up their online and offline personas
  • The more you can educate yourself in a scalable way across the business, that’s the goal so you can have a broader view
  • The measurability of digital and social
  • What I love about PostBeyond is that they really understand the consulting side of this – they know that every customer is different
  • Learn more about their implementation process here

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