Even at Sea Robots are Displacing Jobs

Oil producers could do away with the massive, floating platforms that can cost as much as $1 billion to build or purchase.

Without the need to ferry workers by helicopter to offshore sites and house and feed them there, operating costs would drop.

To build the integrated system the industry envisions, a network of remote monitoring sensors will be needed to transmit data and instructions between the surface and seafloor.

Swimming robots, which are now tethered to ships on the surface, will monitor the equipment and perform maintenance, while a new offshore electrical grid will power the submarine operations.

This will happen within six years!

Think of all the jobs displaced; oil workers, transportation workers, commissary, lodging and service workers.

Robots monitored by computers, coming to an industry near you soon.

So, how do you survive in the new reality of machines and robots?

By providing real, authentic human interactions.

The type if your a leader, your employees will stay for.

The type of experiences if your a front line worker that your customers will pay for.

Do you know what your customers value?

Do you know what your customers deem important?

Now and in the future, it’s the experiences we humans can create.

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