European marketers to up online spend, but click throughs still poor

The European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) has published its Internet Barometer Report (via Marketing Charts), which shows that 83% of European marketers plan to up their online ad spend in 2010.   One in three (33%) organisations are now including mobile in their strategies confirming the increasing importance of the mobile Internet.

But at the same time,one of the key drivers for marketers, in addition to changing consumer habits, is the perception that you get more bang for your buck online, with 31% citing cost efficiencies as a factor behind their decision.

There’s of course a very important health warning with that, namely the on-going debate about click through rates in online advertising.

In fact, in the Summer Double Click (via Indolent) published research about engagement with Internet advertising and found that the UK performed worst with a 0.08% click through rate compared to the US (0.1%), France (0.12%) and Germany (0.13%) .

However, at the same time Comscore has results out showing that when combined with a social engagement, people are more than twice as likely to search for brands online.  In that sense maybe on and offline marketing isn’t so different.    Advertising can work, but it works best when it’s integrated with other disciplines.

Online budgets taken from every pot

Finally this diagram is interesting, the EIAA looked at where budgets are being reallocated from to make up the online pot.   36% of marketers thought that online budgets were being taken from TV, while 30% mentioned direct mail and magazines that were losing out and 27% mentioned newspapers.

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